Road Trip

After the cruise, Mr. Divine decided to take us on a road trip along the West Coast. Restarted in San Francisco, riding around on the tram to check out all the hot spots. The view of the bridge was amazing and we took it in from three spots, Battery Spencer, Presidio Park and Mackenzie Beach.... Continue Reading →


All About Sex

When we last spoke my oldest Kylie was about to go on her first date. To say I was more nervous than her was an understatement but I wanted to make sure I armed my little warrior before she went out. With that in mind, I had a serious talk her about sex. Not the... Continue Reading →

The Dress

  I'm not sure if I mentioned it before, but  I'm not really a fan of shopping. My attitude to the concept has improved in the last few years but that was due to me finally learning how to shop for my body type and what looked good on me. Despite that change, when it... Continue Reading →


The thought of dealing with the planning of a wedding makes me cringe and I think Mr. Divine picked that up when after he asked me one day I put my head under a pillow and screamed in frustration. With a laugh, he pulled me out of hiding and into his arms and asked me... Continue Reading →

What to Buy?

Buy myself something nice or buy something new for the house. Neither is really needed but I have the urge to buy something, naughty as it may seem. That in mind, I left the house with the intention to spend some money but not sure what I was going to waste it, so to speak,... Continue Reading →

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