Road Trip


The beauty of the Golden Gate Bridge. Photo by Eric Ward on Unsplash

After the cruise, Mr. Divine decided to take us on a road trip along the West Coast. Restarted in San Francisco, riding around on the tram to check out all the hot spots. The view of the bridge was amazing and we took it in from three spots, Battery Spencer, Presidio Park and Mackenzie Beach. After that, we hit the usual spots, Union Square and Fisherman’s Wharf. It was just the start and we couldn’t wait to see where we went next.

The kids and I spent the rest of the trip in joy overload because we got to see so many different places. We stopped off that Monterey Bay Aquarium and also took the time to do some whale watching. It was truly breathtaking to see those majestic animals in their elements. We visited Santa Barbara, Malibu and Los Angeles along the way and each spot was discovery and adventure amplified to levels unknown. Amazing and magnificent were such bland words to describe what we did.

By the time we got to San Diego, we were exhausted but happy. We checked out all the sights and by the time the final day of our trip rolled around, we were walking around with huge smiles. After all that driving we spent a few days in a lovely hotel just relaxing and being pampered. Kylie and I enjoyed several spa days and the boys went off and had guy time. Mr. Divine and I had some couple time, including a stimulating couples massage. My man truly takes care of me.

As we turned up at the airport I was kind of sad our trip was over. We followed Mr. Divine through the airport taking a spot and got some lunch. As we moved to catch our flight it clicked to me that I wasn’t seeing any flights to take us home.

“Honey, where are we going?”

“On the next part of our adventure my love. Time to discover something new.”

The kids were in awe and so was I. We were on our way somewhere else to continue our vacation and we could hardly wait.


All About Sex

All About Sex

It was past time I had a detailed sex talk with my Kylie.  Photo by Michael Prewett on Unsplash

When we last spoke my oldest Kylie was about to go on her first date. To say I was more nervous than her was an understatement but I wanted to make sure I armed my little warrior before she went out. With that in mind, I had a serious talk her about sex. Not the slot A goes into slot B type conversation, but more of conversation about the feelings that go along with the desire to have sex. Some people may be thinking at sixteen, do you think you should be having a conversation like that with a child? Considering that girls are having sex younger and younger, I frankly think my conversation is past due.

I choose a day when Kylie and I were on the way to do some shopping. As we pulled up at the mall intending to go looking for an outfit for her to wear on her date I popped the question.

“Kylie what do you think about sex?”

“Mom?” she questioned. “What do you mean?”

“You understand the basics about sex?”

“I guess so,” she said with a shrug. “You hear stories at school but the truth is I rather get facts and understand more.”

I smiled. “Fact is always good. It was lack of knowledge that worked against me when I got involved with your father. One thing I can tell you is that your father is like a lot of men when it comes to sex. Selfish and only interested in their own pleasure. That is also the way how a lot of young men are as well.

We made our way inside the mall continuing our conversation.

“The thing is with sex and most women, not all, most, they associate or combine sex and love. They give or have sex with someone they think they love. With men, most, again not all, it’s about the pleasure. Their pleasure.”

She looked at me with a puzzled look. “Can’t women have pleasure from sex?”

I smiled at here. I loved how my child always got to the heart of the matter.

“The short answer is yes, but that yes goes along with so many different factors.”

Kylie gave me her ‘well keep talking’ look and as we shopping we kept the conversation going.

The Dress


I’ve finally found my perfect dress.

I’m not sure if I mentioned it before, but  I’m not really a fan of shopping. My attitude to the concept has improved in the last few years but that was due to me finally learning how to shop for my body type and what looked good on me. Despite that change, when it came to a wedding dress I didn’t even have a clue where to start. A basic search and a look at those bride shows on the television had me nearly overwhelmed by the different types of dresses. It was looking like I would be spending more time than I had expected to find that dress and considering that I only had a few weeks I knew I had to get to it sooner rather than later. I found myself standing in front of the mirror doing a body assessment to try to at least narrow down the type of dress that would best suit me. My daughter looked at me when she saw me just standing there.
“Mom! What are you doing? I came into the room and you didn’t even realize I was in the room.”

I explained my dilemma and my daughters tugged me into the bed, got her laptop and started looking at dress styles. That was when I discovered the difference between a ballgown, an A-line, a mermaid and a sheath styled wedding dress. I had it in my head I would just get a simple dress and that would be it. My daughter was not having that, and she along with my son and Mr. Divine insisted that I have the most amazing dress possible but I wasn’t sure. That was when Kylie started looking for dresses.

Every day I would get several pictures of dresses sent to my phone by my daughter and with each new picture, I became more excited. I started looking for my dress but I couldn’t find anything I liked. My daughter told me when we sat down in the dress shop that frankly none of them were good enough for me. I went home sad that day.

Several days had passed and I was at a loss what to do. When I got home that afternoon, I found the kids in the kitchen cooking with Mr. Divine. It amazing me the way the children were with Mr. Divine, talking to him about everything, laughing. With their father they had basically stayed hidden in their rooms and kept their mouths shut. I liked the way they were behaving now a lot more. My children were building the social skills necessary to become valuable citizens of the society.

When we finally sat down to dinner it ended up being a loud affair full of conversation and laughter. It was over dessert that I saw a ticket to New York slipped in front of me. I picked it up in shock and looked at Mr. Divine, the kids, then back to the ticket. My daughter was nodding in excitement.

“What is this for?”

“For you to go and find the dress that takes your breath away. Kylie insisted that none of the dresses she saw were suitable.”

I could hardly believe it. To be able to go overseas and have a wider range of dresses to choose from was thrilling. It was something I had not even considered. Then I considered choosing the dress on my own and knew I wanted someone to come on this trip with me.

“I can’t do this by myself. I need someone to come with me for a second opinion.”

Mr. Divine smiled. “That is sorted as well. Kylie is coming with you and I expect you to buy the dress that makes you feel like you are the most beautiful woman in the world.”

I knew the look that filled Mr. Divine’s eyes and couldn’t help but smile. To go with the dress I also needed the most, mind-blowing, jaw-dropping lingerie he had ever seen. The thought of it made me feel truly beautiful as well as sexy.

The trip was four days and we visited two of the main bridal stores. At the first shop, I didn’t find what I wanted but the second one took my breath away. The displays were eye-catching and I walked from one to the next captivated. A consultant came and for the next three hours, I looked at dresses.

Nothing was calling to me until I walked past what I am now calling the dress. It was a huge picture against one of the walls on the way to the dressing room and it stopped me in my tracks. I had never seen anything like that and I wanted to try it on.

“That one,” I said pointing to the dress I had seen. “I need to try on that dress.”

My daughter walked up and broke out into a huge smile. “That dress is gorgeous mom. You have to try it. You have to.”

The consultant smiled. “I’ll go get you the dress.”

I didn’t even bother to try on the other dress that has been placed in the fitting room for me. I just waited until the one that caught my full attention was brought in. When I stepped into that dress it was like everything had stopped and when the zip was slid into place it started again. This was my dress and I wanted it.

Tentatively I picked up the price tag and my smile got wider. I could afford this dress. It was like the stars were in place just for me and I walked out of that store with the perfect dress. I could hardly wait for my wedding day to walk down the aisle to Mr. Divine. 



Maybe I’ll get something like this for my bouquet.

The thought of dealing with the planning of a wedding makes me cringe and I think Mr. Divine picked that up when after he asked me one day I put my head under a pillow and screamed in frustration. With a laugh, he pulled me out of hiding and into his arms and asked me what was the problem. I explained that I was over the making called and all things the needed to be done to get things arranged.

That was when that precious man suggested the most amazing thing. We would choose a hotel and let their wedding planner do everything else. All we need to do was choose a hotel, a date for the wedding, colours and flower types. The numbers of my guest also my attendants then that was it other than clothing. I looked at him wide-eyed.

“So when do you want to get married?” he whispered against my lips. “Morning, afternoon or evening.” Each question came with a kiss and over the next two hours we had everything planned. All we needed was dresses, tuxes and to choose a hotel.

We ended up picking the hotel where we met as the location where to hold the wedding. My sister, Florence that saved me from my downwards spiral and my daughter would be my attendants, but we were yet to decide who would give me away. We decided on thirty guests made up of immediate family and extra close friends who would be at the wedding and join us for a quiet. This would happen after an evening ceremony on the beach.

For flowers, I decided to go for tropical colours and flowers done in a simple hand-tie bouquet with orchids, torch gingers, shampoo gingers and other strong tropical flowers. Buttonholes and anything else could be done in orchids. With all the things I considered different sorted out, all I had to do was back in being in love. Then there was to find my dress and everything was sorted.

So location, check. Food and guests, check. Now it’s to get the little matter of getting the dresses and I will be getting married. I have sorted what I was sure is the hard part, but I think things will get more interesting before I get to walk down the aisle.

What to Buy?

What to Buy

I refused to let any slick-tongued sales person trick me into getting something I did not want.

Buy myself something nice or buy something new for the house. Neither is really needed but I have the urge to buy something, naughty as it may seem. That in mind, I left the house with the intention to spend some money but not sure what I was going to waste it, so to speak, on. This blog land is a bad place to be. I hit the shops in town, in the various malls, even the little plazas and then I started to walk back and forth through the stores to see what they had to offer. I saw a few things that caught my attention but upon closer inspection the wow factor was gone and I soon moved on.

I went into the, let’s say home stores, and tried to see if anything interested me to open the check book, but nothing did really. There was truthfully some lovely out-door furniture but in the end I decided they would be much too bulky for my patio. I would have had to remodel first before I got them and that wasn’t the kind of money I was planning on dropping.

That ended up leading me to the jewelry stores with the aim to get myself a nice necklace or maybe a ring. I took my time and walked through the stores, narrowing down what I wanted with each pass. I went from store to store, and I refused to let any slick-tongued sales person trick me into getting something that when I got home I wouldn’t be a million percent happy with, or worst yet, it would just sit in a box gathering dust….

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