Book Review – Dating a Cougar

Dating A Cougar

The title of this book is what drew me in and when I finished the story I was so happy I discovered this new author. Dating A Cougar by Donna McDonald is the first book in the Never Too Late (7 Book Series) and it was so good I got the other books in the series as well.

The story is about Alexa Ranger, a former model turned businesswoman who after two decades of trying to find that special someone, finally throws in the towel. That was when a much younger and determined retired Marine Casey Carter entered the picture intent on becoming involved. Alexa tried to avoid being with Casey because of the age difference and all the other complications but sometimes how you want things to go is not how they turn out.

I loved this story. It was truly an amazing example of an older woman who is determined and ambitious and must battle through her uncertainties when it comes to the complications of love and relationships. The characters in the story are funny and combined with the pacing of the story, it allowed me to read it quickly. I recommend this story as a must read. In fact, I suggest you read the whole series. I did and loved every moment of if it.

So get a copy of Dating A Cougar and give it a read. Enjoy.



Book Review – She Sins at Midnight


I’ve read a lot of books, but She Sins at Midnight by Whitney Dineen, this one had me laughing long and loud at the antics and comments made by the main character, Lila Montgomery. Here is the blurb so you have an idea of what the story is about.

She Sins at Midnight Blurb

Lila Montgomery, thirty-two-year-old Hollywood assistant extraordinaire, has a secret. On the outside, she’s a hard-working dedicated employee, a good friend, and a loving daughter. But above all else, she’s been raised to be a lady, which of course is why she’s determined to conceal her secret life. If her straight-laced friends and family back home ever discover that she is really the smashing new author of a steamy romance novel, their disapproval would shame her forever! That’s why Lila has chosen to publish her sexy narrative under the nom de plume, Jasmine Sheath.

With her fifteenth high school class reunion on the horizon, Lila finds herself at a crossroads. More than anything she wants to go home and see her childhood friends but is embarrassed that she hasn’t accomplished the things she feels she should have by this time in her life; mainly marriage and children.

After another brutal run-in with Melinda Forrester, Oscar nominated actress and client of her boss, Josh Furber, Lila decides that fleeing Hollywood for a month is the best thing for her. Lila packs her bags for her childhood home of Bentley Hills, sure that her friends and family will be the touchstone of normalcy that she so desperately needs. What she doesn’t expect is that Melinda will follow her and a tabloid media circus will ensue!

Not only does Lila discover that her home is nothing like she remembers, but she meets and falls in love with the very man that inspired the hero in her novel.


Now back to my opinion of  She Sins at Midnight. Just a page or two into the story I was laughing and truly enjoying every word I was reading. The author brought me closer into the lives of the characters and painted a riveting picture of the events as they unfolded. As an added, bonus Lila Montgomery is also an author and as we read this story, we also get to read parts of the book she had written as herself and various other characters in this book buy and read her book.

The story Lila writes is interlaced with the main story is just as witty and funny as the main story and adds a unique element to the book. Every part of this story comes together to be a truly entertaining read and I strongly recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a fun story with a lovely ending.

Interesting, New Stuff


To me, a discovery is like a shooting star, something new to find put about.

It’s the first week back at work and school and it has gone well. Having a plan of what we want to do is really helping and this week was flawless–but that is this week. We’ll see how things continue to go as the weeks go by. Martial Arts for all of us starts next week. Mr. Divine has gotten a long time friend, who he has discovered is living in our country for the next year because of his job, to be our teacher. He also plans to train with us so this is going to be interesting. This will be no laid back class because when it comes to our safety, Mr. Divine will not compromise.

I’m thinking of taking up a new sport, but with all the activities we have planned for the coming months I’ll have to see what happens. No matter what, it’s about doing more and discovering new thing. I can hardly wait.

Book Review – Love Him or List Him

Hi guys. Here it is. My first ever book review and I have chosen Love Him or List Him (Sunday Afternoon Series Book 2) by Aprille L. Thomas. Check out the blurb below then I’ll let you know what I think.



Three guys, three different personalities. But together, they make up her perfect man.

Some girls have all the luck.

Jolie Osborne, an up-and-coming real estate agent at one of Barbados’s well established firms, spends her days helping people find their perfect match. And she’s found hers… in Brian, Rafi and Nash.

For over a year, Jo has managed to keep her fast-paced work life and complex private life totally separate. At work, her colleagues watch in wonder as the free-spirited, easy-going shopaholic fashionably juggles a hot-tempered boss and clients who never quite seem to know what they want. After hours, she enjoys the company of three completely contrasting, yet amazingly alluring men. Life in paradise couldn’t be sweeter.

That is, until her sunny skies come to a stormy halt during her best friend’s charity dog show at Apes Hill. Jo’s isolated worlds suddenly collide and her neatly woven web of secrets start unravelling all around her. Her colleagues are shocked to learn the ugly truth. Natalie wants nothing to do with her. And her disgruntled lovers give her the worst ultimatum ever: love me or list me.

Can Jo put the shattered pieces of her life back together? Will she mend her broken relationships before it’s too late? And which guy will she choose?

Well what can I say about this book but yikes from start to finish but what an amazing yikes. Lol. I really enjoyed the story and understand what she was fighting to find, even though I know I could have never been as brave or as boldfaced as her to have three guys at the same time. Then again guys do it all the time so why can’t a girl. Just my opinion.

When it comes to the main character Jolie, I love her bold effervescent personality which she showcases in her choice of clothes. She shines as a person but the problem in her love life stems from her past and her inability to reconcile it in her mind. Her actions may be considered wrong by many but Jolie is a woman searching for the love she needs even though may say her methods were wrong.

Like I said before. I really enjoyed this story. The way how the truth unfolds about Jolie’s life made me smile. It was real and raw but the thing that touched me the most is that Jo grew as a person. The author is descriptive and I got a perfect visual of not only the characters but in the story but what they were wearing, the stunning properties and views they were exposed to and much more. A good read, no, make that a must read in my opinion.

Check it out and see what you think and let me know.