Completely Sideways

We had thought it might be possibility but so far the investigation had not given us any indication the culprit was on....


Tugging On A Thread

Together we went over the text and tried to spot more clues. Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash When Mr. Divine got home he found me asleep in our bed with piles of papers scattered around me. I woke up to his kisses and pulled him into my arms. "Hey honey," I whispered as he settled... Continue Reading →

Random Clue

It had been more than a month of sending counter text and retaliation calls and we were no closer to finding the mastermind of this annoyance....

Right Number

My baby was sick of seeing his phone.Photo by Goran Ivos on Unsplash It wasn't the wrong number. In fact, rather than stopping, the texts seemed to intensify. Mr. Divine came home frustrated to no end by the texts he kept getting. He went as far as blocking the number but the texts started to... Continue Reading →

So This is Christmas

I'm truly enjoying the lovely decoration I've been seeing this Christmas. I'm still in a food coma from yesterday and on my way to a second one. There is nothing more amazing than being with family at this time of year. Well being with them and indulging in the delicious food we all made. We... Continue Reading →


“What!” yelling Walter. “Where am I going to find that kind of money from?” “According to my documentation you earn over four thousand dollars a month. That is more than enough. I will be submitting an order to your employer that the money will be taken from your salary.” “This is unfair. What about her?... Continue Reading →

The Words of a Child

Kylie raised her hand when my husband continued not to answer. “Yes young lady,” said the judge. “Since the adults in this room are so tight-lipped maybe I can finally get the truth.” “Your Honor, for as long as I’ve known my father he was unkind and cruel and treated my mother like she was... Continue Reading →

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