Settling Into Place


Free and ready for whatever comes next.

From our conversation on the beach, Mr. Divine and I have been doing a lot better. That talk seemed to have opened a floodgate of conversation to make sure that we are staying on track as a couple. We sit down and just try to talk about everything as much as possible and make sure we were on the right page or just the same page about the things that might be a complication.

With Kylie enjoyed her new school and both of them studying for upcoming exams, things were settling back into a quiet state in our home. A while back Kylie had told me was interested in taking several of her exams early so she had started to do extra lessons in preparation for those exams. That had been going well and it was a major help towards her applications into university.

The children’s sporting activities have brought back up the question of the possibility of them having the opportunity to move to another country so they can further their education and ranking in the sport. We all had a long talk and the plan is to wait for Kylie’s results and see if there is any early interest from the universities that she wants to go to. Her swim coach has also been looking into scholarships at her choice universities and several other schools that would teach the courses that interest her. We would know the results in a few months and from there we would revisit the idea of moving as a family or if we would let Kylie go off on her own and have an adventure. Time would tell.


Revisit the Motivation



A thought that came to me that I’m going to keep in mind.


For years I’ve been on the same path and in the same place, like an insect stuck in tree sap. Caught and going nowhere fast. After my former husband Walter left me, I had a serious look at my life and realized what a disservice I had been doing to myself. That is what led to several motivational speakers and leaders of industry who’s advice was invaluable in the process of helping me to restart my life and equipping me with what I needed to find the right path and start moving towards it.

What I’ve also realized more than two years after that groundbreaking epiphany, is that I needed to revisit the video lectures and blog posts that helped me to find myself to make sure that I keep the fire for continual advancement burning in my life. Over time I have realized that it is very easy to fall back into the bad habits of the past that were so easy, comfortable and familiar.

Familiar but also deadly to my progress, and this isn’t something that I want in my life again. So over the next few weeks, I’ll be revisiting many of the motivational videos and blog posts that helped me so much. Then from there, I’ll be doubling down, so to speak, and finding some new videos and posts to add to my list to strengthen me for my fight forward.

I’ve come to understand that motivation is like the plaster on a building and it helps to protect my ideas and plans for the future. Daily my ideas and plans are bombarded by doubts, fears and negativity, eating away at the protection. All I can say is that it’s time to re-plaster and to make sure I remember that it’s easier to maintain than to rebuild.