Talk and More Talk



We kept talking until everything was settled.


After my heated encounter at the beach with Mr. Divine, I was…I’m not sure what I was but I was something. After my brainwashing, lol, I found myself sitting on the beach in Mr. Divine’s arms. There we talked and talked and kept talking about why I would allow my insecurities to creep in and talk over my mind.

I found it hard to explain but he wouldn’t let up, determined to understand what fueled my lack of trust. That was when I told him that Walter had left me from a woman I worked with who pretended to be my friend and who used to trick me into doing her work so she could leave early and be with my husband. That I suspected my husband used to talk my things and give to this woman and I explained about the free spa treatment I had been given that Walter had just taken.

I didn’t even know I was crying until Mr. Divine wiped the tears from my cheeks. Now I had sand on my face and was started to get cold. Taking my hand he pulled me up and lead me into the water.

“What are you wearing under that shirt and pants?” he asked.

“Not much,” I replied. “My husband has a habit of buying me racy lingerie and I miss him so I have been wearing them.”

“You are supposed to wear then all the time not just when you miss me,” said Mr. Divine flashing me a mischievous smile. “Off with those clothes. You can wear my shirts.”

I looked around the beach as he quickly unbuttoned his shirt and pulled if off. After pulling me further into the water until it was over my shoulders, Mr. Divine kissed me and I fell into the pleasure of being with him. We would be fine because we would work on being fine.





One of the spots we pick for relaxing. It’s perfect for brainstorming and planning.



Work and school will be starting back this week and we are all eager to discover what is in store for us. We spent the past week planning what we want and what is possible. The kids have swimming and Mr. Divine has insisted on some type of self-defense training. He even said I had to join as well. He insisted we had to know how to protect ourselves. I’ll have to tell you how these lessons go, lol.

We have also made resolutions about what each of us wants to improve about ourselves. That too I’ll tell you more about later. So what will we be doing? Travelling more, playing more, live and enjoy life more. This is the beginning of an enjoyable yea