Completely Sideways

We had thought it might be possibility but so far the investigation had not given us any indication the culprit was on....


Tugging On A Thread

Together we went over the text and tried to spot more clues. Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash When Mr. Divine got home he found me asleep in our bed with piles of papers scattered around me. I woke up to his kisses and pulled him into my arms. "Hey honey," I whispered as he settled... Continue Reading →

Lawyer on Board

That afternoon when Mr. Divine came home, he came with the lawyer who did our divorce. The kids were still in heavy tidy-up mode in their rooms but they took a quick break to say hello. “You got this right,” stated Kylie with a pointed look at the lawyer. “I’ll try my best,” replied the... Continue Reading →

All Revealed

  “You see,” said Kylie. “I told you I’m not the only one he has been bugging. I guess their parents skipped coming to the school and went right to the police.” The officer that came in, make that officers, were not street cops but high ranking officers. I guess someone had gone to the... Continue Reading →


The principal started to splutter and the teacher looked shocked.   “The boy was just playing,” said Mr. X. “Yes. I was just playing chimed in the boy,” suddenly realizing that this was getting bigger than a simple trip to the office. “No young man,” said Mr. Divine. “Touching or hitting a person without their... Continue Reading →

Lightning Can Strike Twice

  “What is this all about?” asking Mr. X, the teacher Kylie told us about. One look and I could see that this man didn’t think for one second what he told my daughter was wrong. Mr. Divine focused on him and started to question in a calm, clear voice. “Did my daughter report an... Continue Reading →

Before the Storm

A frighteningly calm Mr. Divine went to school with me the next day. We entered the office and asked for a meeting with the head. The plan was to see the attitude and the reaction but Mr. Divine had no intention of letting this matter be swept under the rug. Our lawyer had already been... Continue Reading →

No You Didn’t

Like most mothers, I’m very protective of my children but I’ve also learnt how to let them go so they can be independent and learn how to become their own person. It’s not easy, but I’ve come to realize that the clinging and hovering often resulted in frustrated, angry and rebellious children. Observation allowed me... Continue Reading →

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