Fishing Trip

From our trip to visit several colleges with Kylie last year, we go information as well as contacts of the persons who ran the sports programs and the chairs of the departments in the programs she was interested in. We had also asked her coach to do an evaluation of her performance in the pool... Continue Reading →


The Up and Down

Some days are good, some days are bad, some are amazing and some are horrible. That is the way things are at the moment, in a wild up and down that I haven't settled myself about. As a result, I have not been able to write. Well more like I haven't able to get the... Continue Reading →

New Year, New Plans

It’s a new year and so much potential is right around the corner for us to experience, that the children and I have sat down and started to plan. This year is very important for both of them because they will be doing exams that will move them to another level of their lives. Kylie... Continue Reading →

Bringing in the New Year

Yesterday was the final day of the year blogland and what a year it has been. I went from being happily married to being on the way to getting a divorce in just over six months. In some ways I could call this year the most horrible time of my life, yet upon reflection I’m... Continue Reading →

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