“What!” yelling Walter. “Where am I going to find that kind of money from?” “According to my documentation you earn over four thousand dollars a month. That is more than enough. I will be submitting an order to your employer that the money will be taken from your salary.” “This is unfair. What about her?... Continue Reading →



“Mr. Haynes, what is the real reason you are trying to stop your children from traveling to further their studies? You are not being asked to support the children and frankly, the five hundred a month you are required to deposit into their accounts does not even touch the figure for their upkeep.” “They are... Continue Reading →

The Words of a Child

Kylie raised her hand when my husband continued not to answer. “Yes young lady,” said the judge. “Since the adults in this room are so tight-lipped maybe I can finally get the truth.” “Your Honor, for as long as I’ve known my father he was unkind and cruel and treated my mother like she was... Continue Reading →

Before the Judge

When Friday came and it was time to go to court, the sun was out, but not just out. It was blazing. So hot, a portable AC to walk around with would have been nice. In the courtroom, we settled down to wait for the case to be called. An hour had passed and so... Continue Reading →

Cover Reveal

So I finally have it. The cover for my story Diary of a Recovering Idiot. I have made changes to the story and I will be re-publishing it from the beginning on Wattpad. Here it is. The cover was done by the amazing Clairey Lovell at C & K Creations. When I saw this cover,... Continue Reading →

Dotted Line….. Finally?

I had a meeting this week, and I can say that there was so much tension in the room that I felt like my back was going to snap from just sitting there. While I listened to the lawyers battle back and forth, the looks that Walter was shooting my way could have burnt me... Continue Reading →

Falling Into Place

Some people call it the stars coming into alignment, others divine intervention, some fate, but whatever it is called, things are going the way I need them to go. The auditor I insisted on hiring has struck gold, and to such an extent it is like he has been mining it non-stop. When I had... Continue Reading →

Time Long Gone

What does it take to get a divorce? I would really like to know what is taking mine so long, but I know it is mostly because of all the delays that Walter has been perpetrating. Blocking me from getting information at the bank, playing mind games and using stalling tactics aimed at getting me... Continue Reading →

Blame Game

Just as I predicted blog land, Walter’s attitude has resulted in a continued knock-on effect and at every turn he had been trying to repair the damage to his image. He is not getting very far, in truth he is making it worst. He has taken to blaming me for what people are saying, but... Continue Reading →

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