I'm yet to give Mr. Divine the all important answer to his question. "Lindsay, will you marry me?" Since he has asked me I think I have experienced every emotion possible while I tried to decide what my answer will be. It's not that he isn't an amazing man, but for months after this... Continue Reading →


Mr. Divine vs Walter

As I mentioned before, but I'll update you if you missed it. Mr. Divine slipped a 'she's-mine-so-back-off' kind of ring on my finger and asked me to think about being officially his. It shocked shocked me but right now I'm wearing his ring and thinking about what he asked me. My daughter spotted the... Continue Reading →

Just For Me

    I have been feeling rather out of sorts, the children's and Mr. Divine's suggestion I took a much-needed break on my own just to relax and think. I've been letting the thoughts race through my head and take over, and as a result, I've not been feeling myself. My distraction became obvious when... Continue Reading →

The Up and Down

Some days are good, some days are bad, some are amazing and some are horrible. That is the way things are at the moment, in a wild up and down that I haven't settled myself about. As a result, I have not been able to write. Well more like I haven't able to get the... Continue Reading →

New Year, New Plans

It’s a new year and so much potential is right around the corner for us to experience, that the children and I have sat down and started to plan. This year is very important for both of them because they will be doing exams that will move them to another level of their lives. Kylie... Continue Reading →

Pasue for Christmas

It’s Christmas Day, and as I reflect I'm very happy that I made it through. There was quite bit of chaos, but one thing I’m happy to say is that the children and I have become much closer. We talk, we debate and learn together while trying to build and strengthen our relationship. Despite drama... Continue Reading →

He is Mine – Part 2

I came back to the table and sat down and again Mr. Divine gave me those ‘help me’ eyes. I smiled and nodded. Through all of this Mrs. Touchiefeely had her chair almost in Mr. Divine’s space. In the distance I saw the hostess signal me and I nodded my consent. She came over, “Excuse... Continue Reading →

He is Mine – Part 1

I know some people are bold, but all I could call the situation I was in a few days ago is a new level of cray cray. We were out. We being Mr. Divine and I, when we encountered one of our past school acquaintances. That was when a good day started to get very... Continue Reading →

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