Minus the Phone

We had an amazing time hiking and just being together as a family. Photo by photo-nic.co.uk nic on Unsplash

The main distraction in our lives, since its inception, has been the cell phone. As such, the kids came to us and said they wanted a no device day or at minimum a half day to just go out enjoy nature. If not nature, family time uninterrupted by anyone or thing. When they suggested it we smiled, happy that they valued family more than friends.

Their suggestion made me look at my screen time much closer to discover if I was guilty of overdoing it. The results weren’t as bad as I expected but they weren’t good all that good either. I started to notice that I would take up to accomplish a task, but somehow get distracted and end up of social media apps for a minimum of ten minutes. With that in mind, I tried to be more mindful of my intent when I took up any of my devices. The aim that I kept thinking about was to do my task and to get the device out of my hands as quickly as possible.

From the second I made this small change, I noticed I became a lot more productive. Often, time that would have raced away while I got caught up watching video after video now was used either writing, reading or planning a future task. More was being done and that was all that mattered to me.

The requested ‘no phone’ time is also making an impact. The first weekend, we got the truck and drove into the countryside to go hiking. It was breathtaking. We had the camera and took pictures, but frankly, they didn’t do justice to experiencing the beauty around us. The plan for the day without phones ended up being two, and we booked into a hotel and spent the next day hiking as well. According to Shane, “it was epic”.

The whole point of what we were doing wasn’t punish ourselves by not using our phones, but to spend more time actually talking to and being with the persons who were closest to us. We had the phones for emergency purposes but that was all. Those hours we spent out in nature made us appreciate each other more. The problems we face in the last few months, like the custody battle, or discuss and the put to bed. Everything was brought into the open. Even the sobering fact of want would happen to Shane if, heaven forbid, something happened to us. Mr. divine assured us he would contact the lawyer and to be would sit down and have a talk about it.

Next weekend, Kylie has a swim meet that we are all going to watch. Then Sunday night is games night to give us some downtime before we all have to get back to our busy lives. For us, no phone time is family time. Leave a message, we’ll call you later.



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