Homework vs Sports

New Year New Plans
Hitting the pool hard. That’s my babies.

It’s athletics season and as usual, my children have been forbidden by their swim coach from participating as a precaution against injury. Despite not representing their schools in track and field, the kids have a heavy workout schedule with pool training as well as land training. To add to that, they often have a heavy homework load, I have some busy and exhausted children.

So why not cut back on their sports a lot of you might be thinking,  considering they have life-altering exams this year. If I want miserable, cranky kids sure…not. My crazy kids said they loved their hectic schedule and by having so much to do they are forced to manage their time. I thought I had hit my head and entered an alternate universe when they said that to me, but believe me or not that’s what they said. Somehow my kids have learnt the concept of living life to its fullest early in their young existence and I think I’ll take a cue from them. I’m off to an event with my husband so I’ll get back to writing later. Have a lovely day everyone.


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