New or Old…Annie is worth it


Watching TV can be both boring and interesting but in my house, we are determined to make things fun. SO….we have started a kind of a movie competition to keep things interesting. So, as a result, I decided to add my thoughts to my blog post lineup. This week we decided to play old vs new and we are trying to see which is better. Mr. Divine, the kids and I have come up with “Annie” and we have sat down to watch both to figure out which is better. If that is even possible. Here are the links below so you can see the trailers of both movies so you can check them out and see if they call to you. Go have a watch and drop your opinion in the comments.

“Annie” 1982

“Annie” 2014

Annie, Annie glorious Annie. Good fun and a good laugh. That is what I thought when I was younger and I have the same feeling now. Last week the family watched both versions of the movie, the 1982 version starring Aileen Quinn, Albert Finney and Carol Burnett, as well as the 2014 version starring Quvenzhané Wallis, Cameron Diaz and Jamie Foxx. When we were done or more like while the credits were rolling the debate started.

Warning Spoilers to come. Kind of…lol. The core of both movies was the same. The orphan girl that is always in trouble, cute and too cheeky for words, uses her charm to get herself placed in the care of a millionaire for a period of time. Over time she wins his heart, but when he plans to adopt Annie, events lead to her ‘her parents’ turning up. It is discovered the parents are a fraud and after a chase, Annie and her millionaire are reunited.

In each movie, there are differences to make each movie relevant to the time period that it has been set in. Despite these differences, the core thing that we talked about was that in each movie the Annie portrayed exhibited a strong determination to get what she wanted. Her joy of life was also unfailing despite being faced with so many difficulties. That discussion resulted in us talking to the children about the concept trying to find and hold onto the good things that are happening to you in life and using those events, no matter how big or small, to fuel our daily paths. The kids noted it was not always easy to be happy when so many bad things could happen to them. I told them that was the key time to look for the good things or joy of the moment.

I reminded Kyle that she had been vitally important when it came to pulling me out of the dark place I had retreated to when their father left. I then when on to explain that even though I had gotten up and started to “function”, I put the word in air quotes for her to fully get me. I have not started to come back to myself until I started to look at the good about the situation. I explained that the good things keep me focused on the what could be and by keeping them in mind I fought even more to have more and more good and joyous times.

That movie ended up opening a deep long conversation that gave my children a lot to think about. Yes ‘Annie’ comes of as a simple musical about a little girl who seems to ended up singing her way to a better life, but if you listen past the music you will see that that the movie is truly about determination and doing what you must to win despite even though the odds seems to be against you.


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