I said ‘Yes’

I said 'Yes'

“Yes.” The word of acceptance, the giving of consent, the acknowledgement that you have agreed to do something. That is what I did. I said yes and agreed to marry Mr. Divine. Yes.

I have never seen a happier man and when I whispered this words to him, he held me close and kiss me for what felt like forever. Slow, long and deep, and I don’t doubt that he was trying to fill me with his love. I took his touch and cuddled close, but what now?

Trailing my hands over his chest I asked him just that.

“We’ll talk to the kids and see what they have to say. From there we will plan and see what we do next.

I considered what he said then nodded. I had been so mentally caught up in the turmoil of his proposal I that I forgot the impact his request would have on my children. They are comfortable with and got along well with Mr. Divine but that was my…partner, boyfriend. How would they deal with him as a more permanent father figure? Yes indeed, the talk with the children would be vital.

We waited, until the weekend to have the talk with the children and we planned for it to talk took place at the one location where we all felt most comfortable…the beach. My daughter has become a more perceptive child and I knew she took note of my change in demeanor. The morning after my long talk with Mr. Divine, she gave me a long look over the breakfast table then broke into a huge smile before continuing to eat. Somehow she knew I had made a decision.

At the beach, we settled down and talked. There was a lot to discuss. When we would get married, where, but more important when that day passed where would we live as a family. The children were happy that I had said yes, but where we would live was a valid question. Major exams were approaching for both children and what they would do next would be a key element in their lives. We spent the whole day talking, throwing ideas back and forth and as the sun set we had a rough plan about what we were going to do.

The kids were past happy, ecstatic was the best way to describe them and they eagerly contributed to the plan as we went home. They wanted us to be a family. One thing Mr. Divine and I needed to discuss was what country would we live in. The bulk of his  business was overseas even though he travelled to where I lived quite a lot. Then there was the company that I had started that took tourist on hiking tours. It was going well, but if we moved what would I do? I started making a list because there was a lot to deal with and  I planned to make sure everything was discussed. If I was getting into this relationship I wanted to enter it with my eyes opened and everything on the table. We would talk and plan, then move forward because that was all we could do. Live.


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