Mr. Divine vs Walter

Mr Divine vs Walter

A ‘she’s-mine-s0-back-off’ kind of ring.

As I mentioned before, but I’ll update you if you missed it. Mr. Divine slipped a ‘she’s-mine-so-back-off’ kind of ring on my finger and asked me to think about being officially his. It shocked the…it shocked me but right now I’m wearing his ring and thinking about what he asked me. My daughter spotted the rock, gave me the eyebrow raise along with a thumbs up. I know she has told her brother because they have become like two peas in a pod, but now to Mr. Divine.

An old school friend I have become reacquainted with, Mr. Divine entered my life when I most needed someone to reassure me I was no a hideous troll. After all, when your husband of more than fifteen years just gets up and leaves you, it makes you doubt everything. Sometimes the feelings of worthlessness would creep into my mind and fill me even though I had been working on myself rebuilding my confidence. Mr. Divine’s words and attentive nature helped me to further look at myself and see my true beauty.

Those doubts are drifting away. With Mr. Divine for moral support, plus the children and I all pulling together life has gotten better. I have found myself settling into a more peaceful mental place, the place I want to be…need to be. The thing is now that Mr. Divine has slipped the proposal into the mix I feel fear and uncertainty trying to creep its way back in. When I think about this proposal, I find myself just frozen with the inability figure out what say to him. Mr. Divine had a special placed in my life but the past of my marriage is still raw in my heart. I need to figure out what to say to this amazing man.

Now I have been really considering Mr. Divine’s proposal but things have taken an interesting twist with who else but Walter. It seems that his woman who works at the same company as me, spotted my new finger real estate and told Walter. The phone calls started again….heavy breathing and endless hang-up calls. Like I don’t know it’s him. Sigh.


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