New Year, New Plans

New Year New Plans

Aiming for goal in the new year.

It’s a new year and so much potential is right around the corner for us to experience, that the children and I have sat down and started to plan. This year is very important for both of them because they will be doing exams that will move them to another level of their lives.

Kylie has brought up the idea of aiming for a sports scholarship and has urged me to set up a meeting with her coach to see what are her options. We should have probably had this discussion when Kylie was younger, but in truth all of us were just struggling to get through everyday life despite the drama of the divorce that filled our minds. Possibilities for the future weren’t even a passing thought.

The meeting ended up being easy to arrange and we soon found out that due to the fact both Kylie and Shane had been so active on the competition arena for swimming, plus the fact they did so well, put them in the line of sight of recruiters. They had the natural talent, plus good speed but both of them would have to push training to a higher level if they wanted to get scholarships. We talked to the coach and started to plan.

I was in awe by the attitude and seriousness of the children. They took note of the training they needed to undertake, nutrition to keep healthy, plus they started to talk back and forth about school-work and how to keep on top of it all. When the meeting was over we headed home and the children kept on talking and planning and I let them. One thing I have discovered is if you fuel a person’s enthusiasm then anything is possible. I wanted that for my children, endless possibilities and determination despite difficulties.

I left the kids to plan and come up with ideas of what they wanted to accomplish and I went to do the same for myself. What was next for me? It was time for me to sit and really figure out what I wanted to do next. Then there was Mr. Divine, where we were going in our relationship? It was time to make some choices as well.

Diary of Recovering Idiot is a work of fiction being written in serial format. It tells Lindsay’s story as she grows stronger and wiser.


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