He is Mine – Part 1

He is Mine 1

Her gross disrespect had me close to having a blowup of epic proportions.

I know some people are bold, but all I could call the situation I was in a few days ago is a new level of cray cray. We were out. We being Mr. Divine and I, when we encountered one of our past school acquaintances. That was when a good day started to get very uncomfortable…all because of this woman.

What did she do? To say flirt outrageously would be to put it politely, to say she was trying to climb all over my man was putting it bluntly. Both Mr. Divine and I were in shock at what was happening and he flashed me the “are you seeing, this please help me look.” Let me tell you what happened so you can judge for yourself.

Like I said before, Mr. Divine and I were out, having a meal to be exact. This was when we saw, let’s call her Catty. We had already placed our order when she walked by and spotted us. Mrs. Lady, last I heard she was married, then stopped and had a conversation with Mr. Divine like I wasn’t even there. I will note we were in the same class at school. But Mrs. Lady was behaving like she didn’t know me.

Polite man that he was, Mr. Divine tried to bring me into the conversation. Mrs. Catty was not having it, going on and on, putting her hands all over Mr. Divine every chance she got. Then to our shock she grabbed a chair, pulled it over and sat down. Our eyes were both popping out in shock. Was she for real? Then she started with the heavy touching and leaning in.

I don’t know about the rest of you but her gross disrespect would have caused a blowup of epic proportions with a lot of other women, but if there was one thing I have learned to do was how to think outside the box. While she was touching on my Mr. Divine I was planning on how to get us back to our quiet lunch date. I looked around us and remembered where we were. Yes we did have options.

Mr. Divine did some of everything to hint she should get her hands off of him and leave, but it wasn’t working. She even called over the waitress and ordered her meal to be delivered to our table. I had had enough. I got up, took a trip to the bathroom and got things sorted out.

Diary of Recovering Idiot is a work of fiction being written in serial format. It tells Lindsay’s story as she grows stronger and wiser. Lindsay is done being nice and lets a potential poacher know that Mr. Divine belongs to her so back off in ‘He is Mine – Part 2’.


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