I Divorced Him, Remember – Part 1

I Divorced Him P1

“You got my man,” she insisted.

Well I never. Would you imagine that I’m minding my own business when the next thing I know, someone is trying to accost me about Walter. Of all the gall! If they had approached me two years ago them I would have had a reason to maybe care about what they were saying. We would have been recently separated and things still raw…but now! Not even if you paid me would I care anything about that man. I divorced him remember!

So what happened? I was out with Mr. Divine, just enjoying a walk on the beach when out of the blue a woman comes charging up to me. “I want you to leave my man alone.”

I looked from the woman to Mr. Divine in puzzlement then back again.

“Do you know this woman?” I asked Mr. Divine.

“No I don’t have a clue who she is.”

“You got my man,” she insisted. I looked at her confused, noting that she has that wild eye thing going on.

“Lady I don’t know you and this is the only person I’m involved with,” I said pointing to Mr. Divine. “Who are you talking about?”

She looked at Mr. Divine, then at me, face filled with suspicion.

“You’re telling me he is your man,” she said pointing to Mr. Divine. “I thought you were married to Walter.”

Ahhhh hell no! She didn’t just mention that low-grade dung beetle’s name to me. I laughed, shaking my head at the craziness of the situation that was unfolding. The laughter became so uncontrollable I ended up on my knees on the sand.

“What is so funny?” The woman asked, clearly angry.

Mr. Divine answered because I was still laughing so hard. “They got a divorce. They had been separated for over two years and the divorce became final a few months ago.”

I let Mr. Divine pull me up and into his arms. I relaxed against him trying to catch my breath. The laugh had been good, but it had also winded me.

“Lady I’m not involved with Walter and I want nothing to do with him. He cheated on me during the eighteen years of our marriage. Why would I want him in my life any more? In fact why do you? He is a serial cheater.”

I watched her sizing me up and looked her right in the eye. She had to know I was telling her the truth and I could see her mind at work.

“He told me that he is married and that you treat him really bad.”

I started to laugh again and I could tell that Mr. Divine was starting to get fed-up with this conversation with a clearly slow woman. She was cutting into our alone time.

“Lady that man is vile, and an accomplished manipulator. I would bet money that he is involved with at least two other women while he is making you feel you’re his one and only. Get a clue and move on. He is using you.” …..

Diary of a Recovering Idiot is a work of fiction being written in serial format. It tells more of Lindsay’s story as she grows stronger and wiser. Lindsay finds herself getting accosted by Walter’s woman but she tells the woman what’s what in part two of “I Divorced Him, Remember”.


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