What Now? – Part 3

What Now P3

My Kalye rushed to me and gripped me in the tightest hug.

The path to my divorce wasn’t easy and I knew Walter, my Ex, I like saying that but I digress. I know he is still steaming mad about the fact that I had managed to get away from him and somehow was now standing on my own two feet. Well I knew he was going to start ripping his eyelids off when I started doing the remodel on the house. I had managed to gather quite the nest egg from my side business and other business ventures, and now with Walter officially out of my life I can spend in peace.

I have been letting Walter think I was just barely getting by. He was probably thinking he had me on tiptoe at the edge of a plank over a tank of piranha. To add to that I know he probably thought my new guy friend was helping to fund me but he would be ‘R–O–N–G’ wrong about that one. Mr. Divine didn’t give me money. He gave me moral support and that went so much further. The kids and I had sat down a long time ago and figured out how to get a dollar’s worth out of fifty cents and that was how we got what we wanted.

That afternoon when I went to pick up the children from training at the pool, I could see they were almost vibrating with the need to find out what had happened today. My Kalye rushed to me and gripped me in the tightest hug.

“Show me. I want to see it. I need to see it.”

I handed her the ‘Decree Absolute’ and she read it and started to dance around the parking lot while Shane hugged me and smiled with true joy.

Over the last few months things between the children and their father had spiraled downwards into a whirlpool of misery that took all types of courage for us to pull ourselves back into the light. Girls are said to be the closest to their fathers, but my daughter has reached a point where she doesn’t even want to see her father’s shadow, much less him. Her anger and obvious hate towards him has me worried about her future relationships with men but her and Mr. Divine seem to have an amazing relationship. In fact, far better then what she used to have with her father, but I still plan to talk to her.

Now it is on to bigger and better now I’m free. I plan to have a look at my business and see what potential there is for further expansion. There is the renovation of the house that is in bad shape and I want to get it sorted so it will stand sure for the next ten to fifteen years. Also on the To Do list is to sit with my lovely daughter and son and discover what they want to do in their futures – university maybe. Then there is Mr. Divine. Now I’m free we’ll see where things are going. It will be an interesting new path from now on, and time will tell where it takes us all.

Diary of a Recovering Idiot is a work of fiction being written in serial format. It tells more of Lindsay’s story as she grows stronger and wiser. Lindsay finds herself getting accosted by one of Walter’s women, but she let’s her know what’s what in “I Divorced Him, Remember”.


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