Summer of Reflection

A view at sunset of one of the places we stopped on our trip.

A view at sunset of one of the places we stopped on our trip.

I’m finally back  online after an extended break and I must say it has really been worth it. I spent the summer in deep contemplation, while at the same time I relaxed and let life take me off the beaten track. Some maybe wondering ‘how is it possible to do both of these at the same time’? I assure you it’s is not impossible, but you have to be willing to just be. Most of all you must be willing to let goal of the reasons that control your life and just go with whatever comes your way.

I spent my time on holiday with Mr. Divine and the children on a road trip of all things. The kids came up with the idea, and together they planned this trip for the summer. The only person allowed to use the Internet was Mr. Divine, but he tried to limit his time online despite the fact he needed to work. To him the time spent bonding with me and the children was more important and he wanted as little as possible to interrupt us. It still shock me that he was willing to go on this crazy trip.

It was truly a fun time. Mr. Divine discovered my daughter is unconventional wit and was often hard press to keep in his laughter. The child never ceases to make me laugh with her a random off-the-cuff comments. Frankly I don’t know how she comes up with the things she says but she kept us entertained. After spending the day on the road we would stay at a small hotel and end the night with a board game. Right now we’re playing Monopoly and my son has proved himself to be quite the upcoming mogul.

What we saw and discovered ended up not being the most important part of the trip, but the fact that we got to simply be together and enjoy each others company. Now it’s back to work and school and for me to discover where life plans to take me next.

Diary of a Recovering Idiot is a work of fiction being written in serial format. More of what’s happening in the next post “What Now?”


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