Dotted Line….. Finally?

When I went out the door things were settled.

When I went out the door things were settled.

I had a meeting this week, and I can say that there was so much tension in the room that I felt like my back was going to snap from just sitting there. While I listened to the lawyers battle back and forth, the looks that Walter was shooting my way could have burnt me into cinders. Somehow I wasn’t letting it show that I was bothered. I had on the bracelet that Mr. Divine had given me, and played with it like it was more important than everything that was going on around me. It really wasn’t, but I had no intention of letting Walter send me into a tailspin when I was so close to concluding the calamity that was my marriage.

My lawyer still had all of his aces in hand, and I knew when he started to place them on the table in his special way, that all hell was going to break loose. Walter had no clue of what the investigator and the auditor had turned up on him, and I knew when the information started to be revealed that he was going to hit the roof and nasty looks would be nothing compared to what he would start to throw at me. For now my lawyer was just playing, telling Walter’s what we wanted but not mentioning the fact that he had him by the short hairs. It was thrilling when you knew something that your opponent didn’t know and that was what Walter was. He was the biggest opponent I have ever had in my entire life.

Walter’s lawyer got up and started to parade around the room, stating that his client had the right to this and that, and my lawyer just sat there with a huge cat-that-has-the-hugest-bowl-of-cream, smile on his face. Then calmly my lawyer sat forward.

“So what is my client entitled to for more than fifteen years of infidelity? That has to be worth something?”….

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