Falling Into Place

Things were falling into place.

Things were falling into place.

Some people call it the stars coming into alignment, others divine intervention, some fate, but whatever it is called, things are going the way I need them to go. The auditor I insisted on hiring has struck gold, and to such an extent it is like he has been mining it non-stop. When I had my meeting with the auditor and the lawyer for all the information to be presented, the lawyer was so excited about what he was hearing it was like he was about to jump out of his chair. While the auditor spoke, the lawyer would lean forward like he wanted to jump in, but then he seemed to stop himself and just made notes of what he wanted to talk about. When the presentation was finished, the lawyer got up and stood at the window for several minutes.

When he finally turned back to the table, I could tell he was so excited he was almost jumping out of his skin.

“Lindsay I don’t know how you came up with the idea to get this guy on board for your divorce, but you really did the right thing. This information is like….this gives us all the cards for negotiation.”

“I knew it would. That is why I hired him. I knew the information I was seeing was just a fraction of what might actually be there, so I did what was needed.”

The lawyer sat down again and pulled the pad that he jotted the notes on closer…..

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