Time Long Gone

I wasn’t having any of that.

I wasn’t having any of that.

What does it take to get a divorce? I would really like to know what is taking mine so long, but I know it is mostly because of all the delays that Walter has been perpetrating. Blocking me from getting information at the bank, playing mind games and using stalling tactics aimed at getting me so frustrated I will simply curl into a ball and allow him anything and everything he wants. The happenings of the last few months have him in a tailspin, with opposition coming at him from so many sides he is unable to gain allies who will look past his actions and support him.

My boss has been relentless, insisting on having Walter charged for his actions in the office. It seems he and Mr. Divine have known each other from childhood, and they have ganged up on Walter and are coming at him from all sides. The children refuse to see him and no matter how many ‘but he is your father’ speeches I have made, they are not budging. I know he has not been acting like a father to them, and I may seem like I’m pushing them into a position where they can be mentally abused, but I have no intention of allowing my children into the company of this man unsupervised.

I have been to the lawyer and have started to push him about the divorce. There is no way I’m going to allow this situation to be dragged out for years and years. Walter may be the one that started it, but I planned to be the one to finish it. In the lawyer’s office I settled in and started to state my position and I could see his hesitation with regards to a lot of what I was outlining. I couldn’t state that I didn’t want Walter to see the children. He would use that as a way to delay the divorce but I could make it so that any visits had to be initiated by the children and if he demanded to see the kids it would have to be supervised due to the verbal abuse he had been subjecting them to over the last few months…..

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