Blame Game

Your actions are your responsibility Walter.

Your actions are your responsibility Walter.

Just as I predicted blog land, Walter’s attitude has resulted in a continued knock-on effect and at every turn he had been trying to repair the damage to his image. He is not getting very far, in truth he is making it worst. He has taken to blaming me for what people are saying, but no matter who asks me what is going on I’m not giving them any information to add or subtract from what they think. I refuse to get into the mud slinging, no matter how much pleasure it would give me to ‘out the man’ for the horrible way he had treated me most of our marriage.

The things he has been saying have made their way into my work place and that is no surprise to me, considering he is knocking boots with a woman who works at the same company as me. Poor blind child, that is all I can call her, letting herself be used to do Walter’s dirty work. I guess she must learn, just like me, I had to. Rather than making me look bad for her beloved Walter, she has opened a can of vicious Africanized killer bees that have descended on her head; intent on destruction. The swarm, headed by our boss, who can do and will do, all the things needed to make her life unpleasant. It seems like he wasn’t kidding about going after Walter for the misinformation he had passed to him about me. When I discovered what he put into play, I felt frightened for Walter but that is a story for another time.

As for Miss I-like-to-run-my-mouth-like-a-high-speed-wind-turbine, she found herself in a meeting with the boss and HR discussing her need to willfully pull down the morale of her work colleagues through the use of vicious rumors. Her actions lead to a memo being sent to the staff and a warning of disciplinary action against anyone who perpetrated such actions in the future. From the distribution of that memo you could have heard a feather drop in the office. Everyone knew the reason for the memo and no one wanted to be linked with the person responsible……

Read the full story of “Diary of a Recovering Idiot”. Coming Soon to Amazon.


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