Bully Beware

I pulled her into my arms and it was like trying to hug a piece of board.

I pulled her into my arms and it was like trying to hug a piece of board.

Yes blog land, Walter is trying to be at it again, but this time it’s not only him. There is also a woman I secretly call, ‘the workplace bully’. Over the last few weeks, they both have been on me like white on rice, and it has started to really rub me the wrong way. Like I said before, Walter used to make it his mission to antagonize everyone around us. Thus pushing them away and isolating me. Now I have grown a backbone, his thing is to nitpick at the kids over everything they do. Since the confrontation on the beach, his attitude with the children has become much harsher and the kids in turn have become combative with him. This is a problem because their attitude has started to transfer into other situations with other people. More than once, I’ve had to deal with problems because of the way they are now behaving, with teachers saying both the children are giving them backchat.

To deal with this I had a sit down with both children and give them a serious talking too. Both said, they were constantly fighting to defend themselves against their father and as such they seemed to be fighting with everyone. That day the children said they didn’t like being around their father anymore, and they wanted me to arrange a different way for them to get to their different activities. They didn’t want him to take them an longer. My daughter was adamant about not being around her father, saying she didn’t like the type of person he was forcing her to become. When you have a teenager making a statement like that, you better sit up right quick and take some notice.

I was at a lost about what to do. The children needed to know how and when to speak up for themselves, but they also needed to know how and when to hold their tongues. I wasn’t really a fan of airing my business in public but this problem was becoming so touchy I wanted to have a mediator deal with it. It so happened that my daughter’s principal called saying she wanted to discuss her sudden change in attitude and combative nature with adults. I told the principal I recommended a sit down talk with both of my kids, their father, as well as the guidance councillor and my son’s principal. I could tell she didn’t expect that response, but jumped at it to get the problem solved…..

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