Sex Talk

It was up close and personal dancing, with me being cuddled in Mr. Divine’s arms.

It was up close and personal dancing, with me being cuddled in Mr. Divine’s arms.

Today blog land, I’m going to talk about sex. Good sex, bad sex and will you just get the hell off me sex. I don’t usually talk about this kind of thing as I was raised with the point of view that what happened in the bedroom should stay in the bedroom and should never be talked about. The thing is, society is rapidly changing and I have come to realize that by not talking about sex I made myself stupid to the facts like I was about so many other topics. My experiences were limited because it took a lot to allow me to become intimate with someone so as a result I have had very few partners. Make that two, my first long time boyfriend and Walter.

Recently I was sitting in the corner of the lunchroom and could hear a conversation going on nearby. It was between two of the many single women in the office and one was telling the other about a guy she was ‘talking too’. The shock froze me in my spot when I started to understand what they were talking about. Was it really possible that persons talked so freely about their sex lives? This had to be a one-off kind of thing that I happened to be hearing. That was when I head the line of all lines.

“And would you believe after all that big talk the idiot couldn’t even make me come. I was so vex. All he do is dirty up my….” That folk was when my brain exploded. She said it, right there in the lunchroom with no care of who could hear…..

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