When You Least Expect It

We indulged ourselves in the mysteries of the deep blue.

We indulged ourselves in the mysteries of the deep blue.

As you live your life, many things come your way and often you are at a total lost of how to deal with them. Depending on how things have been going so far, you react either negatively or positively. So far things have been going slowly but surely for me and I have been trying to take every new thing that comes my way as a lesson. The business I have pushed myself to start is a whole new level of discovery and with every new trek I know I’m pushing myself to a better place. After each one, the kids and I have a recap and try to find a way to improve. Their dedication is a splendid thing to see and I’m truly proud of them.

So far I have been running the treks on Saturdays and Sundays to groups of ten to fifteen and they have been doing well. Interestingly enough, I have had requests to do treks during the week and this has increased my need to find someone who can handle the treks at the times I am unavailable. The people who have been answering my job advertisement so far have been bad to put it mildly, and I was starting to become worried about the drought in personnel.

Worry was turning to panic when finally I got an application from a young woman who wanted something that got her away from being cooped up in an office and fit in with her afternoon classes. During the interview I knew almost immediately that this young woman was who I needed for the job because with every word she expressed a joy of hiking as well as a desire to learn that I haven’t seen so far from any of the other applicants. I had been looking for a young person with a willingness to expand their horizons for the position and finally I had found them……

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