Taking Risk

I took them on one of the treks with a medium degree of difficulty.

I took them on one of the treks with a medium degree of difficulty.

Sometimes when you look at the position you are in and the paths you can take, it is often a question of whether to take the road that will be easy and give you a few rewards, or resort to the road that you know will be impeded at almost every step to acquire the ultimate jackpot. The thing I have always heard said is that if you really want something you have to go even further than the extra mile to get it. Then there is that other one they are always saying, that nothing worthwhile comes easy. All I know is that right now it is about me digging deep and finding the courage to step so far out of my comfort zone that it is like I’m out to sea and could drown at any second.

What has me so unsettled? The business idea I have been playing with is back again, buzzing in my head. Even though I tried to stay away from it, I find myself with book in hand, going though the information I have so carefully documented. What was I to do with it all? Mr. Divine caught me looking thorough the book one day and with a smile he shook his head. “You can do it.” I looked at him with speculation all over my face, because in truth that was the one thing I was most frighten to envision, everything in the book becoming a reality and me having to deal with it.

“It can be done on a small scale till you feel more comfortable and decide if it is worthwhile and you want to expand.” Was it really possible? He went on to explain that I could put an advertisement on the Internet offering tours to visitors who wished to see the country during a more authentic and up close experience. He went about explaining advertising, giving the potential trekkers an idea of what the tours would be like as well as most importantly finding someone to employ as a tour guide if I was unable to lead the tours. Another thing was first aid in the event that someone became injured. Between the two of us we covered every possible angle of what was done and what needed to be finished to get this project done. It got to a point it looked like it would be possible, but I knew I had several more things I needed to look over and plan……

Read the full story of “Diary of a Recovering Idiot”. Coming Soon to Amazon.


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