Wanting More

My idea was to combine my loves and to offer eco-treks to tourists that visited the island.

My idea was to combine my loves and to offer eco-treks to tourists that visited the island.

At some point in your life you look at where you have reached and start to question if you are happy or you want more. More doesn’t necessarily have to mean bigger house or car, it could simply be the desire to challenge one’s self to see what you are made of. My new position at work has its challenges, as well as the course I have been doing but I want more. There is also my small business I have been indulging in and I wonder if I should try to take things to a new level.

As a result I have been thinking, looking at and considering my position and were I wish to be, but most of all the path I’m going to set myself along to get there. Right now I’m fresh out of ideas but you can bet I’m trying to come up with something. Within my job there is no direct path to where I want to go but I could look and see if there are any positions that would allow me to move upwards and apply. This may or may not work but it was an option I could play with and I was going to.

With this bug in my head, I started to look on the Internet to see what I could do but mostly for ideas of what direction to take. To tell the truth sometimes the Internet can be a hamper because with the amount of information coming at you, you often are left more confused about what to really do. I have learnt to be very specific with my searches if I don’t want to waste my time online. By doing that I have managed to narrow down things to a few different ideas, but truly I was not positive……

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