Isees and Reasonings

Then to my shock my son stepped in front of him. His words floored us all.

Then to my shock my son stepped in front of him. His words floored us all.

I have got to ask it blog land. Is it me or had this man truly gone around the bend? If this is my line of questioning, my root cause can only be Walter who is still operating on a level that only him can understand. Okay, you have gone and decided you are leaving me and you want a divorce, fine. Kindly explain why you are still, after you left me, calling me, telling me how much you missed me and all that rot. Saying that I wouldn’t give you a chance, yet by the time you get off the phone, your lawyers are calling me about settlement related issues. What game is he really playing at?

Ignoring his calls is not working and he has also added turning up at the children’s activities and bugging me to his tactics. I have made up my mind to continue to just let it go, like water off a duck’s back but Mr. Divine saw me one day constantly pressing the button to ignore Walter’s calls when he was back for a weekend trip and he suggested I just block the caller.

As lovely a suggestion as it was, it still posed complications like when a legitimate message about the children needed to be passed on. Taking my hand he started to play with my fingers, something I have started to get used to, and for the first time I started to talk about Walter. I gave him the five-minute exposé and with my every word I could see him becoming more and more disturbed. He didn’t say anything, just listened and when I finished he still said nothing for several minutes.

“What do you want to do? What do you want?” This was his question as he continued to play with my fingers.

“I want him to stop bugging me, that is it.”…..

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