Silly Little Things

We ended the night walking along the sand hand in hand.

We ended the night walking along the sand hand in hand.

Often we take life much too seriously and as a result find ourselves sick from the huge amount of stress we have placed on ourselves. I did that a lot. I would take on the problems and issues in everyone else’s lives as my own, sometimes not even thinking of my own problems. Once I heard it referred to as taking on someone else’s fire rage. It is sad how I did this for other people but at no time did anyone ever seen to consider doing it for me. Now I think back to it I can laugh but in truth it’s far from funny.

I have let a lot of things go because, in the past I was stripping away at my mental sanity and somehow I didn’t know when to tell myself stop. That is over, and I have reduced myself to only participating in truly worthwhile causes and nothing else. My time, energy and mind are truly precious and I refused to reduce myself to a vegetable for people who hardly acknowledge my existence.

Now, believe it or not, I have become the ultimate chillout and relax person but don’t think for a minute I have lost my sense of responsibility. I do what needs to be done and go well beyond the call of duty but people when it is time to kick off those shoes and feel the sand tickling between my toes you can bet I don’t want any intrusions. I have learnt that it’s just as important to play hard, or even harder than you work.

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