Full Court Press

Lunch was . . . hummmmmmm. All I can say is this guy really knows how to treat a lady.

Lunch was . . . hummmmmmm. All I can say is this guy really knows how to treat a lady.

When a woman is walking around with a stupid smile on her face, everyone assumes that she has a man. That is not quite the reason for my smile but a man, or men are the cause of it. One man who hangs on to my every word and shows me a good time while the other man I have over a tank of piranhas scrambling for a way to stay out of the water. All of this has made my really boring life very interesting and the smile I’m often seen wearing is because the antics of both Walter and Mr. Divine come back to me at the strangest times and make me laugh.

Mr. Divine as I call him in my head, wasn’t kidding when he said he wanted us to have lunch and catch up. It seems like my previous off cuff remark about it taking three hours turned out to be true. As a precaution I told my boss that on Wednesday I would be taking an extra long lunch due to an appointment I had. When the day came I brought to work the necessary accessories to execute a presto chango and when I walked back to my desk with my hair down, make-up changed, and jewellery you should have seen the heads spinning. I removed a small clutch bag from my desk, locked it, then turned to leave, unbuttoning the jacket I wore with every step I took nearer to the door. As I stepped into the elevator the jacket came off and I’m sure they all saw my ultra sexy, backless top as the door slid close.

Lunch was . . . hummmmmmm. All I can say is this guy really knows how to treat a lady. We sat in a quiet spot on the terrace of the restaurant and we talked and ate and kept right on talking till the waitresses started to change the settings for dinner. Time had run away from us, but we were enjoying ourselves so much we didn’t want to leave. When we eventually did, it was to walk along the boardwalk, then reluctantly back to our parked cars. We had talked every night so far, and from the looks of things tonight would be the same. As he opened the car door for me, he took my hand and lifted it to his lips before handing me slowly into the car. Something told me this guy wouldn’t be going anywhere anytime soon…..

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