“I never talked to such a naïve, like I said boy-man.”

Everyday you meet new people with their opinions and attitudes towards the things and people they encounter, but when I met, let’s call him Mark, I can honestly say he was a new level of wacky. Now blog land, believe me when I tell you this guy was so desperate for a wife that every woman he saw he quickly tried to get involved in a relationship with, and I mean every. The thing that made me laugh most, and people it was not funny, was that he looked at a woman he met and talked to for about an hour and professed adamantly that she had qualities. Was he serious? Like I said, sadly yes.

So what does he mean by qualities? Well believe it or not, he is referring to how trust worthy or honest a woman is and he is convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt this is a good woman he has discovered. He was so far from the truth it was frightening but often nothing could be said to sway him. The thing is that the women he picks up so quickly have one quality in common, they want his money. It is sad how easily he could be tricked into seeing these women as good and wholesome. What is even more frightening is the fact he couldn’t seem to understand this is really the way these women operated no matter what you told him.

How did I manage to meet this clueless boy man? Well it so happened that I needed to get my computer fixed and was pointed in the direction of this individual. As it turned out more than one problem had to be dealt, and with his continued visits we got into conversations on a personal level. When he expressed interest in me I tried not to laugh in his face because in no uncertain terms would I be getting involved with a wet behind the ears youth. Despite telling him no, further more never, this youth remains convinced I would someday be his bride…..

Read the full story of “Diary of a Recovering Idiot”. Coming Soon to Amazon.


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