Learning to say N. O.

“I let him know in no way, form or fashion did I want anything to do with him.”

To say I have been a push over for much of my adult life is pretty much an understatement but my efforts to correct this problem is backed by determination. Gone is the mouse that could be told to do anything and jumped faster than a soldier in the army and in its place is a strong, determined woman who understands the need to have a personal opinion. Coming to this point was not easy, and the path was littered with more hidden landmines than an Iraqi road but I’m learning to spot the signs as I go along.

Thinking back I can remember one Christmas season I had a desk full of work that needed to be finished by Christmas Eve. This was not even taking into account the other personal things I needed to deal with. Every second that passed seemed to bring more work, and people, not work that my boss was giving. If your could believe it, it was the work of my beloved work colleagues who were dropping their work on my desk, with a slew of manufactured, half-assed excuses and pleading with me to do it for them.

Like the dodo bird I was, I did it all and I was so exhausted that on Christmas day I was falling asleep in my food. It came back to me as I saw one of those tricksters gliding my way with a stack of files in her hand. She had been on leave for a while so she had missed my epiphany and subsequent transformation, though I’m sure she heard of it through the gossip mill. Now I see her coming at me I have to get myself in the frame of mind to exercise my ability to say N. O., NO. My gut told me without a doubt she would try to play me just like she did so many times before…..

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