The Letter Issue

If your name starts with 'W' I'm sorry but.... Goodbye.

If your name starts with ‘W’ I’m sorry but goodbye.

Is it only me, or has anyone ever had the issue when all the people you encounter with their name starting with a particular letter give you nothing but trouble? If you don’t have that problem then count yourself fortunate blog land, because I have discovered that names starting with the letter ‘W’ are a plague in my life. Man the drama they have been causing is enough to make me want to attempt grievous bodily harm and not care of the consequences. Yes, this is a very bad headspace to be in but when I think about them I get so mad that a red cast of anger drifts over my mind and I switch into revenge seeking mode. Bad people, a very bad place to be, but those ‘W’ people have made my life a living hell.

Listen to this high-class crap. The jeep needed some attention and I was pointed in the direction of a Wallis who was said to be very reasonable and reliable. I told him what I was feeling and hearing while driving and he said it was probably just ‘a small thing’. He made his way under the jeep, flicked and fiddled, came out and told me it was a quick fix but the parts were expensive. He gave me an estimate and I told him to do what needs to be done and bill me. After all I needed to have the vehicle to get back and forth.

I go on my way and when I come back he hands me a bill and I tried not to have heart failure. From the estimate he gave and the bill I now had in my hand there was a thousand dollar difference. What the son-aunt-uncle-brother is this kind of high noon robbery? This man was not even smoking dope. He had to be snorting radioactive uranium and all his brain cells done congeal…..

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