Follow your own Drummer

Sometimes you need to be different.

Sometimes you need to be different.

It takes a lot to go your own way. A determination that is repeated daily in your head that helps to guide you no matter what life decides it’s going to rake up and throw at you. In the midst of this is the things you see and the people you meet daily that often influence what you do with your life even though you might not realize it. Blog land, despite the impact they have, it is up to you to know how much you wish to allow yourself to be influenced by anything or anyone. It is always important to know who you are and have a strong sense of what you stand for.

There is a saying, “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.” I am a testament of that twisted fall when you look at what is now coming to light of my life. I always had Walter as the full focus of my existence. When you do this, what does that say about you? A man is so much the reason for your existence that you give up yourself and at no point can you function without him. I can only reason that I was pathetic.

Now that we have established that, moving on. Yes I have been working at becoming a more independent person but believe me it often is so much easier to go along with what other people are saying than to have to think for yourself. Easy as it may seem, it is often the consequences of doing this that makes what seems so easy at first end up being nothing but a fountain of trouble. Finding out things on my own time and doing the necessary research so that I’m not blindly following what someone says has now become the core of my existence……

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