Yes, No, NEVER


It’s about knowing which guy deserves which answer.

Sigh. Blog land, it seems when you make the decision you are going to concentrate on you, and try to focus your life on a path of success and pretty much swear off men. They start coming out of the woodwork like termites at the scent of prime wood. What is a girl to do? Well that depends on the type of man I’m approached by and the type of situation I’m in. Where I am mentally. All of this is just a round about way of not saying, it’s about how stressed out I’m willing to be at this point in my life. Well to tell you the truth, it’s not too high on my to-do list but one never knows what is going to come their way and one thing I have learnt is that it is best to roll with the punches.

It so happened I was minding my own business when I was approached by a charming gentleman while browsing in the book section of a store. He was a refreshing change, clean and tidy, not to mention the way he spoke to me was a million times more polite than the way the very rude guy I had to deal with at work did. It made me think on the fact that so few men are polite in these modern times.

We ended up chatting about books, and I discovered quite a bit about him. At my age it is near impossible to find an unmarried, childless man and this man was not the exception to the rule. Divorced for two years, he had a son who was away at university. Like I said he was charming, and we ended up talking to the point we exchanged numbers. Was this a wise thing to do? Who knows? Just because I decided to talk to the man doesn’t mean I was going to jump into bed with him after one conversation no matter how stimulating. I needed to get back into the world of the existing and if a friendship with this man could set me on the path then so be it. That was all it was going to be about, being friends…..

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