Maya’s Words

Maya's Words

Her words were what I needed to hear.

Never have the words of one woman impacted my life to such an extent that I have been forced to stop and think. The first time I heard Dr. Maya Angelou’s poem ‘Still I Rise’ it stopped me in my tracks and made me listen. I heard it while watching a movie so I didn’t hear the entire poem in that instance, but the little I heard was like someone had given me a sucker punch. It gave me the motivation I needed and it let me know that despite everything that was going on “Still I Rise” was something that was possible and I needed to try to push for it.

I searched the Internet to find that poem, and when I did, I sat down and read it. You can’t read it once, that is impossible. You need to read it, read it again then keep it somewhere so you can keep going back to it. Many may think it’s just a poem, but I had never read such powerful words in my life and they touched me in the most profound way. Each word I read somehow lifted me and with the words “still I rise”, my spirits lightened and I felt a little bit better. When I discovered the poem, the strain of my divorce was really starting to take a toll on my endurance and determination, but each word was like the boost I needed to keep me on my path.

Each time I read the poem, I see the way Walter is behaving reflected in the words. It was like he wanted me to just crawl under a stone and stay there because that he had left me. Every word out of his mouth was always aimed at pulling me down and when I think back to the way he handled me through out our courtship and subsequent marriage, I realize I couldn’t see that he would let me get only so far but no further. He did it cleverly, taking my numerous suggestions then making it seem like they were not good enough for me so it would be better for me to find something worthy of me. Funny thing is that no matter what I discovered or came up with, nothing was good enough for me. What I didn’t understand was what he was really saying I was nothing so should want nothing. I was to stay in the little corner he had put me in and not even think of going any further….

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