Lies, Liars and Lying

Lies Liars and Lying

Walter is a cheater and no matter what she does he is going to keep cheating.

The dexterity of the human tongue and its ability to spin tales that can be blindly taken as the truth, is a phenomenon that one would rather watch on a television show than experience in their own lives. So get this, you ask a question or better yet you are just in a conversation and you are given the “L sandwich”. Why, goodness knows because in truth there could be a million reasons for coming up with a concoction of untruths. The teller wants to look good in the eyes of the person listening, the truth is hurtful or embarrassing or, the ultimate, they are in the process of manipulating someone. No matter the reasons, what I remember most is what I have always heard said as a child, “a liar got to have a good memory”.

So what has me talking about lies blog land? Well it could only be the liars in my life. They are actually a lot of them and quite a few I don’t know about, but it’s the ones I know, my husband and my work colleagues that are really starting to sicken me. What have they done? Well goodness me readers, the list is too long for this story so I’ll just stick to the highlights.

Not only has that . . . that slimy pig, sorry pigs are not slimy, but the sewer dwelling, scum sucking, slug, been cheating on me for goodness knows how long, but he has been sleeping with one of the women I work with for more than five years. You can imagine the testicular fortitude of that man to be dealing with a woman I work with right under my nose. More than once I have been stuck doing that woman’s work while she supposedly had an appointment or went home sick and now I’m left to wonder if while I was busy doing her work if she was out doing my husband!….

Read the full story of “Diary of a Recovering Idiot”. Coming Soon to Amazon.


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