Dollars and Sense

Dollars and Sense

I started by planting a small garden.

Age has nothing to do with knowledge but it is expected that as you get older you get wiser. Well to me blog land that is not true because common sense is not all that common and only if you are placed in a situation that allows you to experience a type of reality can you learn how to handle it, ergo become wiser. From the things that came at me over the years, I thought I had a good handle on dealing with life but the truth of the matter was I was a naive as a child about many things. Sad for a woman my age but the truth I used to live was based on fiction.

A major example was when I decided I should keep a better eye on my finances. That decision was like opening a can of worms and finding out they had crawled out the bottom by an unseen hole. Hidden fees, paying out too much money because of high interest rates and the worst, bad or better yet, non-existent money management was what I found. It was easy to see that age had not made me wiser in this situation, it was all about education, and I needed some, fast.

After all, times are not the best and when you end up running a household on your own you have to really look at where your money is going. The child support helped, but the other things that need to be maintained, for example the house and the car, have sent me scrambling. My look proved that sadly it was exactly what I was afraid of, very soon I would be having more going out than coming in no matter how I tried to add, subtract and multiply…..

Read the full story of “Diary of a Recovering Idiot”. Coming Soon to Amazon.


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