Dangerous People

Dangerous People

Somehow the sordid details of my impending divorce made its way into the office.

So blog land guess what is causing the drama this time. Gossip. It is a thing we always do but few of us are willing to admit it and the results are often evident in the attitudes we have towards people for no apparent reason. The cause, someone said something that has gone to shape your opinion of a thing or person. Most of the time, with all the he-say and she-say thing going on, we end up so far from the truth that we don’t know what to believe. The stories we start to hear are better than works of fiction, and as a result of the new rumors, making the rounds many a ‘batterback book’ is opened and histories that have long been buried are resurrected.

When my husband told me he wanted a divorce I was shocked, devastated, heartbroken! People just think of every word that means a person has been destroyed mentally and emotionally and that is what I was. As time went on I absorbed it, then eventually I told my three long time friends. Their reactions varied but I’m not surprised by any of them, as I always knew their opinion of my husband. Things really began to get interesting when the whispers began to drift around my office and I knew for sure I had no true friends at work.

Somehow the sordid details of my impending divorce made its way into the office and as a result, my co-workers took the opportunity to exercise the dexterity of their tongues. The things I started to overhear had me asking who else in the office was getting a divorce and had a husband called Walter, they really couldn’t be talking about me! The things they were saying were cruel and shocking…..

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