What to Buy?

What to Buy

I refused to let any slick-tongued sales person trick me into getting something I did not want.

Buy myself something nice or buy something new for the house. Neither is really needed but I have the urge to buy something, naughty as it may seem. That in mind, I left the house with the intention to spend some money but not sure what I was going to waste it, so to speak, on. This blog land is a bad place to be. I hit the shops in town, in the various malls, even the little plazas and then I started to walk back and forth through the stores to see what they had to offer. I saw a few things that caught my attention but upon closer inspection the wow factor was gone and I soon moved on.

I went into the, let’s say home stores, and tried to see if anything interested me to open the check book, but nothing did really. There was truthfully some lovely out-door furniture but in the end I decided they would be much too bulky for my patio. I would have had to remodel first before I got them and that wasn’t the kind of money I was planning on dropping.

That ended up leading me to the jewelry stores with the aim to get myself a nice necklace or maybe a ring. I took my time and walked through the stores, narrowing down what I wanted with each pass. I went from store to store, and I refused to let any slick-tongued sales person trick me into getting something that when I got home I wouldn’t be a million percent happy with, or worst yet, it would just sit in a box gathering dust….

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