It’s the Little Things

“I take the opportunity to go to the beach and sit watching the waves and eventually the sunset.”

As we go from day to day, so often we are faced with non-stop problems that never seem to want to end no matter how may ways we try to tackle them. When that is happening blog land, I know it is well past the time I should have stepped back and taken a breather so things would come to me clearly. So many of us don’t listen to our bodies and often miss the screaming signal that is telling us to take a step back and relax. This allows us to look at things from a new perspective and to be able to make out that one tree in the middle of the forest that we have been trying to find for goodness knows how long.

It may seem like such an easy thing, but when I look back I remember myself just running, running, running but often not seeing the end of being so busy. Even worst I hardly ever had any results to show for the exhaustion. I had to put my foot down and tell myself I needed to take time to just do nothing or I would end up doing myself a lot of damage. That was when I started to take stock and actually set a time when I would sit back and just chill. I often tried to use the time to clear my mind and just think of nothing, but it was often then when my answers would come to me, when I was most as ease.

One of the things I try to do that has become a favorite and I try to do it as often as I can, is go to the beach. So when the kids are with their father, or when they didn’t have too much homework, I take the opportunity to go to the beach and sit watching the waves and eventually the sunset. To me it is an amazing thing to see, the kaleidoscope of colors as the light of the sun combines with the clouds in the sky to reveal such an explosion of color that one is often shocked at the magnitude of beauty that you are having the privilege of witnessing. Such a small thing when it comes to the many things that can be done, but it is often the most simple of things possible that make the hard struggle that we face day by day easier to handle….

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