Beautiful Escape

“So skilful were the fingers going over my body I had to go again because some things you just had to do more than once.”

Guess what blog land. Somehow in the midst of the economic hoopla I managed to wrangle myself a little escape from all the drama. I was so excited, my first vacation in like, forever. I was strongly considering taking the children with me but then I remembered that their father had been free of their full assault for about four months and figured it was past time he had a heavy dose of teenage mood swings and pre-teen mischief.

When I told him I was taking holiday, he dutifully asked if I needed money for the children’s tickets and I informed him it was a solo trip and all I needed was for him to keep the kids over the holidays. If you heard the words that came out of his mouth your ears would have curled. I knew he was expecting me to fly back at him but when I calmly looked at him and said nothing, he shut his mouth and stepped back.

I informed him I would be going for three weeks and the kids had been enrolled in a number of activities that he need to make sure that they got to and from. It may seem harsh of me to simply inform him I was leaving and not to see if he was available but my mind and body were screaming for escape, and I wasn’t about to take no for an answer. Plus, he had done what he wanted so many times over the years of our marriage. He would suddenly coming home and inform me he had to travel for work and then was gone. I think it is my turn to do the same. At least I’m giving him advance notice…..

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