Fitting In… Really

Sometimes you need to stop and think to realize it isn't worth fitting in with the crowd.

Sometimes you need to stop and think to realize it isn’t worth fitting in with the crowd.

It is there, even when we are younger. The burning need to be accepted or to be liked and to this day it is a burden on our backs. Yes blog land, we all hear it, the little voice in our head. It’s there everyday pulling at us to follow the crowd, to buy the clothes that are in fashion, it even wants us to make our houses look like what everyone considers to be the norm. When we really think about it, it goes back to the need not to stand out as strange, but to fit in.

When I was younger, in an eager need to follow the others my age, I wanted a boyfriend and more importantly a husband. Everyone I knew was in some way attached and I desperately wanted this. As a result when Walter started talking to me, my eagerness to fit in allowed me to close my eyes and jump right in. My family tried to tell me I was doing the wrong thing, trusting the wrong man, but I didn’t listen because I wanted to be like everyone and being with him did this for me.

The new assessments I’ve been forcing myself to make about my life, have made me realize how much I just followed what everyone did rather than made decisions based on what suited me. No more of that. Now I have been considering the pros and cons of each decision rather than just doing what everyone considers best. There is a saying that there are three sides to a story, my side, your side and the truth, and I’m trying to see if I can look at every side. It is proving to be hard. After all, when you can just let someone point you in a direction and go there, rather than doing the work that goes along with making a choice, most people are more than willing to go and not think.

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