Quality Time

Sometimes you just have to take the time to treat yourself.

Sometimes you just have to take the time to treat yourself.

So this is how it is going blog land. Things are slowly falling into place for me and I’m feeling like progress is actually starting to happen when it comes to my potential future. The imminent ex-husband has found his own place and moved out completely so now it’s just the kids and I. He had been calling the kids, but since I’ve discovered he has been telling them demeaning things, I have been monitoring his time with them. If I had not heard him talking to Shane the way he was with my own ears, I would never have thought he would do that to his own children. It is one thing that he had me reduced to an emotional cripple but there is no way I’m allowing him to do that to our children.

As I monitor them, I’m picking up the signs that the children are becoming affected by the stress of what is going on. To ease the situation I have been trying to find things that we can do together that will distract them, but most of all things that are fun. So far this method seems to be working, but often it is hard because their father is so good at undermining everything. The truth is it seems that his only joy in life is to make sure that everyone around him is miserable.

Every time I’m with the children I make sure that I reassure them that I love them to off set their father’s belittlement. His mental abuse is not a pleasant thing and daily I question how I was so blinded by this man. It seems that I’m constantly trying to reverse his psychological attacks on the children but if he keeps up his nasty attitude he is going to make them hate him. With the stress of managing school, sports activities and trying to fit in, the last thing they need is Walter adding to the chaos of their lives. If it continues I will have to take action and he won’t like it one bit…..

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