Friends and Friendship

There is a saying “you’re as smart as your smartest friend”.

There is a saying “you’re as smart as your smartest friend”.

As I become older readers, I am becoming a little wiser about the way of the world and people. That brings me to the word ‘friend’. Frankly I’m starting to be of the opinion that we throw around the terminology much too freely. If I challenge anyone to count their true friends, and I mean the ones that have been with you through it all, I know when everyone really starts to think and count, the truth of the numbers will shock them. Don’t worry I’m in the same boat, with my number coming up to a shocking three. So few, you must be asking? At my age they would be much more you would think, but my relationship with Walter caused a lot of people I knew to distance themselves from me. This has now left me with a limited number of friends because I failed to realize the type of person he really was.

Two of my three friends expressed shock when I told them that my husband said he wanted a divorce, the other one said I should have beaten him to the punch because I took too much crap from him for too long. She is my oldest friend and always told me like it is and I liked that a lot about her. Sadly the truth is, I didn’t really listen to many of the things she had to say because if I had, my life would have been different. She was one of the people who told me she wasn’t too sure about Walter, that something about, “their spirits not meeting”. Her words not mine. Other people would have said, “I don’t like him”, but I think she was trying to be diplomatic while telling me the truth. Well I guess whatever she was feeling had merit because look at what he did.

My other friends, sadly, are much too wishy-washy. Harsh to say about your friends, but they knew they were not, as the kids would say, BFFs. They were too now and then, but I guess the same could be said about me. Though I could just try to heap all the blame on Walter for distancing me from the people around me, I know a lot of it has to come back to me. I let it happen…..

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