Moving On

I told him the most important thing for him to remember was that I loved him.

I told him the most important thing for him to remember was that I loved him.

Change can be a beautiful thing or it can be the scariest thing that ever happens to you. That is the place I’m at right now readers. Trying to shake off that stalking evil called fear and it all comes back to my need to change. In the end I think you need to ask yourself if you are willing to accept the place you are in at the present moment in time. If not, then you need to look past the fear and start doing the things that will put you on the path to where you want to be. For me, I’m not willing to accept the hell I’ve landed in so I will have to get past the fear and do what I must.

My life is now as unstable as napalm but I must admit that I’m happy with this constant change. Before, if something I was accustomed to changed, my world would grind to a halt and my husband telling me everything would be fine was the only thing that could calm me. He was my rock but look at what this so called rock did. Just rolled off down the side of the mountain and left me exposed to battle the elements on my own. What my sister said to me was so true. I needed to climb out of the well of stupidity I had fallen into and take control of my life. In short, embrace change and this chance to go in a new direction.

Yes readers, the husband is gone and it hurts, but I’m still alive and that’s what matters. Forget him. What was important was establishing a solid life for my darling angels and myself. Walter is still about, but truly he is the last person I wanted to be thinking about. Thinking about him usually leads to anger and the time for that was past. Step one was to continue setting things in place to make sure our lives ran as smoothly as possible. Don’t for a second think it’s been easy. It has been a daily struggle to keep things on track, but the children keep me going. If you have kids you know there is never a dull moment and that folk is what makes every step worth it for me…..

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