‘Tis the Season

“With the kids in mind I made the decision to have a lovely, live, six-foot Christmas tree decorated with white lights and red accents.”

Family, friends and togetherness, not to forget peace on earth. That is supposed to be the bedrock of the festive season but I think a lot of people missed that memo because I have been surrounded by snappish, short-tempered people from the second the first carol started to play on the radio. Christmas for me has always been enough work to put two men in hospital and kill a third but somehow I always got what had to be done finished and was smiling around my well laden table on Christmas Day. This year blog land I’m not sure how it is going to work out as my family is broken like a glass tree ornament and no amount of crazy glue is going to fix it. I know it will be a difficult time for me this year.

I have been trying to coordinate with the soon to be ex, Walter, about the children and how we’re going to deal with sharing the holidays, but nothing has been sorted so far. The man is frustrating me to new lengths by not answering or returning any of my calls, so my plans have been in a state of limbo. I have gotten the necessities, the tree, the food and the presents for the kids, but there is still the question: do I cook a whole lot of food only to discover I’m stuck eating it alone? That feeling is not appealing at all.

One of my solid friends told me to simply let things continue to flow like I have been doing and everything will fall into place. Stop worrying and live. I have been doing it for a while but it seems this season has stripped away all the walls and insulation I have erected around my feelings and all I’ve been thinking is was why couldn’t things be back to normal. The crazy thing is my version of normal wasn’t good for me at all but my core issue was I wanted my family with me for the holidays….

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