Divorce him, not your Family

“It was only when one of my sisters saw me in the supermarket just looking at the macaroni and not moving, that someone actually talked to me.”

Hello readers, I’m back once more, and I’m going to tell you how far I let Walter go in his systematic destruction of my life. Now, there is no denying that you can divorce your husband and he can do the same to you, but at no point can you divorce your family. You can’t choose your family and you sometimes don’t get along, but when times become horrible and you need a shoulder to cry on or a hand to help you get back on your feet, your family should be there for you.

Me, I found myself out to sea, with few friends and well, as for my family, I hardly saw them or spoke to them. How did that happen? Well let’s just say I let my husband convince me that they didn’t really want what was best for me so I started to distance myself from them. As a result, who do I have to turn to now in this time of trouble? No one.

Was she stupid that she let him do that you must be asking? Well people, this she can only say it seems like she was more than a little stupid, and very naive. My husband was the smoothest of talkers and had the ability to make me laugh. Sadly, while I was busy laughing I couldn’t see he was pulling me further and further away from my family with every little thing he did…..

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