“He has taken my rejection rather badly, so he has been saying nasty things about me to the rest of the staff every chance he gets.”

Hello blog land. I’m back and things are getting very interesting. The makeover is still having repercussions and I’m still reeling from some of the reactions I’m getting. Franking I think a makeover, no matter how magnificent, will not make your problems go away. More likely, the change will add to the problems you already have if you don’t know how to manage the fallout. What is she going on about? We are not talking about a volcano you must be thinking. Seeing the way how people react to the things you do, you might as well be. We all do it, follow the comings and goings of those around us like their lives are ours or they are there for our personal entertainment.

For example, the men I work with have suddenly started to show an interest in me when in the past they have ignored my very existence. The compliments would have been flattering if they were at least nice to me before, but they weren’t. When one of them tries to stop me to chat me up, I’m colder than a Siberian winter. Just a few weeks ago I didn’t even get a, ”Good morning Lindsay”. So when I pass them like I’m blind it is just repayment, or as the older generation would say, ‘do for do’.

One guy, frustrated that I wouldn’t give him a second of my time, went off on me telling me I still looked like nothing and that is why I can’t keep a man. When I laughed in his face and told him to get his stories right, “I don’t keep men, men keep me”. He nearly choked in shock. It was a beautiful thing to see. The swaggering, playboy of the office receiving such a shut down that he was unable to utter a word. I don’t know how I came up with that comment, but people the result was amazing to behold….

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